Flooded phone. What if our phone lands in the bath or be washed from our favorite clothes? What if it was drenched in liquid looks dead, or behaves strangely? This could mean the end of our flooded the phone. However, there are several ways that in many such cases to bring back wet and apparently dead phone. Here are a few steps that will help us in the first moments after the unfortunate incident.

Step 1: Flooded telephone - Immediately remove the phone from the liquid.

The sooner the less liquid and detergent will be in our phone. This seems pretty simple, but there are some situations when we will eagerly save our phone (eg. When it lands in the toilet).

zalany telefon

flooded with phone

flooded with phone

Step 2: Disconnect the phone from the power source and then turn it off.

In order to avoid a short circuit as quickly as possible, disconnect all power: a charger, charging stations, etc. If the phone is still on and responding to commands, you need as quickly as possible to turn it off. But do not sacrifice on the action too much time - in case of problems, go to step 3.

zalany telefon wyłącz zasilanie

flooded the phone off the power

flooded with phone

Step 3: Remove the cover and remove the battery.

Flooded phone is probably filled with water inside. If possible, remove the battery as soon as possible - response time is crucial here. You can try to move or remove the rear panel to get to the battery compartment.
WARNING! Newer generation of smartphones, especially Apple's iPhone, make much greater difficulty in getting to the battery.

zalany telefon obudowa

flooded with phone case

flooded with phone

flooded with phone

Step 4: Remove the SIM card.

If you can remove the SIM card, you do so. There is a good chance that valuable contacts, and other data stored on the card could survive. This action will reduce the likelihood of losing important data.

zalany telefon kata sim

flooded with phone sim kata

flooded with phone

Step 5: Remove the other components.

Now is the time to remove the microSD card, headphones, and other devices connected to your smartphone. Many phones is not a small problem in the distribution of their owners. Moreover, the opening of such a phone will void the warranty (if any currently valid).
WARNING! Standard warranties do not cover damage caused by flooding.
So first find out from the seller if the warranty cover flooding. If it turns out that the guarantee was thus lost, we can confidently attempt to dismantle the phone in order to more thoroughly dry - which has the effect of reducing the damage caused by short circuits.
WARNING! For this purpose, use of tools made of soft materials (plastic, wood). Otherwise you can damage components such as housing, frame, motherboard, etc.

Step 6: Remove all moisture (way home) and contamination.

We begin to gently shake the phone to remove excess liquid. We then use a towel to absorb as much moisture as possible (especially in the crevices of the phone). Sometimes you can also use a small vacuum cleaner to suck out the liquid, or use the rice. Rice can absorb the rest humidity and facilitates the process of evaporation. If the phone was flooded with viscous liquid type of juice / Coca-Cola flooded all elements of your phone should be rinsed in distilled water / deionized or isopropanol.
WARNING! Viscous liquid content even when completely dried conductive and may cause short circuits.

zalany telefon warszawa

flooded with phone Warsaw

flooded with phone

Step 7: Be patient.

Regardless which method is selected, the drying should be done at a temperature of approx. 40 degrees Celsius can also be dried at room temperature, but the process is longer. The dried phone should still lie in a dry, warm place for 24 to 48 hours.

Step 8: Place the phone and check.

Then you can make a call and double check all the possible functionality.

Step 9: Contact us.

If flooded the phone still does not work properly, please contact our experts. In our laboratory, we have specialized tools with which more effectively restore the device to its former efficiency.