Cleaning the keyboard, the keyboard flooded laptop, or how to clean dirty keyboard.


flooded the laptop keyboard

Keyboard PC / laptop is one of the most popular input devices. It is intended to transmit signals in the form of characters directly to a data processing device, ie. A PC, laptop, phone, tablet, etc. In addition to a computer mouse, on the one hand the keyboard is an indispensable communication tool. On the other hand, is a device with the largest touch touch here is the fastest of all kinds of pollution.
Keyboards laptop users often struggle with the following ailments:

  • laptop keys jamming - after pressing seem unnatural sounds remain depressed long return to the original position, etc.
  • flooded keyboard in the laptop,
  • keystrokes do not cause the appearance of characters on the screen.

If you meet even one of the above criteria is precisely the moment in which it is strongly advisable to clean the keyboard from dust and other contaminants. Below is an example of how to deal with this problem.
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Basic tools.

To clean the keyboard with any possible contamination, we will need the following tools:

  • clean microfiber cloth,
  • brush with soft bristles
  • can of compressed air.
  • toothpick (preferably wooden or plastic)
  • liquids for cleaning the housing (from the need to clean the keys IPA - isopropanol)
  • water distillation / Demineralized / deionized water (for cleaning the keys, you can add a little liquid soap)
  • buds (for wet cleaning of hard to reach areas).

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Basic tools - flooded the laptop keyboard

Basic tools - external cleaning laptop

basic tools for cleaning the inside of the laptop

Preparation for cleaning the keyboard.

At this stage, the laptop must be switched off and the power cord and the battery disconnected.
WARNING! Otherwise, we can expose the cleaned equipment for serious damage.
Also, you can disconnect all external drives, flash memory cards, memory, input / output devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor), and other devices connected to the laptop. We will increase thereby their own comfort and safety.
Remember, flooded keyboard on a laptop is no problem. We offer the best cleaning laptop Warsaw.

Cleaning laptop keyboard - keyboard in a laptop flooded

preparing to clean - cleaning external laptop

Disconnect peripherals - cleaning the inside of the laptop

Cleaning phase. Difficulty: low / medium / difficult.

To pre-clean the keyboard, use the sweeping brush between the keys contamination. To facilitate this process, you can tilt the laptop so that the surface of the keypad facing down. Additionally, you can then move your finger several times after all the keys, thereby facilitating cleaning. You can also help by compressed air, if they have. Fired air under pressure more effectively reaches and cleans hard to reach places. Moreover, a long and thin tube attached to the kit significantly improves reach into / in places.

WARNING! Do not clean using exhaust air from the mouth. It often happens that along with the air fly smaller / larger quantities of saliva. This may cause corrosion of metal parts and, what is worse, shorts due to conduction of electricity.
WARNING! When cleaning the keyboard does not vigorously shake the laptop. This may cause damage to the mechanical components in your laptop (hard drives, optical drives).

Then they come to help clean microfibre cloth, a special fluid for cleaning plastic surfaces and buds. We apply an appropriate liquid to the cloth and gently wipe the surface of the keys. The procedure we use until we bring the keyboard to the desired cleaning.
WARNING! Liquid applied directly on the keyboard can get to inappropriate places and damage it.

If necessary, use a moist cosmetic sticks, in order to more thoroughly clean the difficult to reach areas (e.g.,. Under the keys).

cleaning kalwiatury laptop - flooded the laptop keyboard

W sytuacji, gdy zanieczyszczenia pod klawiszami są zbyt rozległe (zacinające się i/lub zbyt wolno odbijające klawisze, nietypowe dźwięki naciskanych klawiszy) konieczne będzie ich częściowe bądź całkowite zdemontowanie. Demontaż klawiszy wykonujemy podważając je szerokim i płaskim narzędziem, tj.: nóż, szeroki płaski wkrętak, kawałek szerokiego twardego plastiku – np. karta płatnicza.
WARNING! It is not recommended self-disassembly keys without appropriate knowledge and experience. There are various keyboards in fixing the keys of different models of laptops - clumsy dismantling can cause permanent damage to the keys. In this situation, we advise return equipment to the experts.
Dismantled keys can be washed in warm (not hot!) Water and soap or clean isopropanol.
Flooded keyboard on a laptop is a task for us. We offer the most effective cleaning computer Warsaw.

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How often do you clean?

Purity keyboard primarily depends on its usage. The more we care about the general cleanliness laptop, including cleaner will also keypad.
If in doubt, you can always rely on the experts. We offer professional advice on computer equipment cleaning procedures.
We offer the most effective cleaning laptop Warsaw.

Council / warnings.

  • No use for generating hot wind, so driers, heat guns, etc.
  • We do not dry it on a radiator elements,
  • We do not dry it in the oven elements.

Following the instructions above can damage the electronics, deformation / damage and keyboard keys.

We can do it.

Improper cleaning of the laptop is still one of the many important factors causing defects and damage to the computer equipment. This makes the device is partially or completely unfit for use. But do not panic! Even with a damaged laptop data recovery it is still possible.

In the event of damage to the equipment company (business) may arise risk of losing critical data such as office documents, financial reports, projects, presentations or priceless photos. To recover the data, without damaging them more and more media, you should opt for data recovery services performed by experienced and specialized company.

When Estimate too much work or risk, go ahead please contact our service computer.

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