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Cleaning your computer Warsaw

Nowadays the number of people using laptop constantly increasing. A laptop computer has many advantages such as mobility, energy efficiency, aesthetics, miniaturization, no wires, etc. This makes the laptop is a symbol of comfort, independence, business. However, every convenience has its price.
Laptop users often struggle with the following ailments:

  • Laptop noisy,
  • laptop not working
  • laptop hangs
  • Laptop overheating.

If you meet even one of the above criteria is precisely the moment in which it is strongly advisable to clean inside your laptop from dust and other contaminants. Below is an example of how to deal with this problem.
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Basic tools.

To clean your computer from any possible internal contamination, we will need the following tools:

  • clean microfiber cloth,
  • brush with soft bristles
  • can of compressed air.
  • toothpick (preferably wooden or plastic)
  • cleaning fluids for electronics: distilling the water / demineralized water / deionized water, isopropyl alcohol - isopropanol,
  • buds (for wet cleaning of hard to reach areas)
  • Phillips screwdriver set,
  • plastic spatula to pry tabs laptop lid,
  • thermal grease (best quality).

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Basic tools - computer cleaning Warsaw

basic tools - cleaning the inside of the laptop

basic tools for cleaning the inside of the laptop

Preparing to clean your laptop.

At this stage, the laptop must be switched off and the power cord and the battery disconnected. If possible, you should also disconnect the battery from the motherboard 3V.
Additionally, disconnect all external drives, flash memory cards, memory, input / output devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor), and other devices connected to the laptop.

preparing to clean - cleaning computer Warsaw

Disconnect peripherals - cleaning the inside of the laptop

Deconstruction laptop parts.

In this step, you should separate the motherboard and other internal devices (hard disk, RAM, keyboard, Wi-Fi card, Bluetooth) from an external laptop lid.
Na początek postaraj się uważnie i bardzo dokładnie wykręcić wszystkie śrubki i wymontować podzespoły, które mogłyby stanowić punkty łączeń między pokrywą zewnętrzną a płytą główną. Następnie użyj twardej plastikowej szpatułki do podważenia zatrzasków tak, aby je wypiąć jednocześnie ich nie uszkadzając.
WARNING! Models of laptops have different systems to each other fixings screws and latches. Incompetent opening the laptop lid may cause damage to herself and latches and screw jacks. Prior to this operation please read the technical documentation or videotapes for a particular laptop model. If you are not sure (a) the knowledge that you have, tell your gear experts.
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taking apart a laptop on a part - cleaning computer Warsaw

taking apart a laptop on a part - cleaning the inside of the laptop

If you are interested in external cleaning your laptop, read the link >> external cleaning laptop

Cleaning phase. Difficulty: medium / large.

It consists of the internal cleaning of the inside of your laptop from dust and other contaminants. At this stage also takes place:

  • cleaning element cooling (fan) >> read link will be available soon,
  • replacement of worn thermal paste on the CPU and / or system BGA graphics card, read >> link will be available soon.

When you unfold your laptop parts, go to the stage of cleaning. Use a brush and compressed air thoroughly clean the inside of the laptop, ie. Motherboard components (RAM, WiFi card, hard drive), and the inside of the door (carefully clean the vents). If this treatment does not give the desired result, be topical use of hydrogen peroxide and / or isopropanol.
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Shoe covers - cleaning computer Warsaw

Shoe covers - cleaning the inside of the laptop

mainboard cleaning - cleaning computer Warsaw

Shoe motherboard - cleaning the interior of a laptop

phase cleaning - cleaning the interior of a laptop
phase cleaning - cleaning the interior of a laptop

If you are interested in cleaning a laptop keyboard, read the link >> Cleaning laptop keyboard

If you are interested in replacing thermal paste, read the link will be available soon >>

Submission of a laptop.

After a thorough cleaning, we make a laptop in the reverse order to break down. If you follow this taxonomy, we will be submitting a laptop without missing any parts, screws, etc.
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submission of a laptop - computer cleaning Warsaw

submission of a laptop - interior cleaning laptop

What's next? When the next cleaning?

Exactly! This type of questions asked by a lot of people. And, as is usually the case, the answer is not one for all. It all depends. A depends on the conditions of use. For example: a laptop used in the pure comfort of your home requires much less cleaning than in the workshop.
So, dear user: to evaluate your decisions and to determine the frequency of cleaning your computer equipment. In case of doubt, you can rely on professionals. We offer professional advice on computer equipment cleaning procedures.
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Council / warnings.

  • No use for generating hot wind, so driers, heat guns, etc.
  • We do not dry it on a radiator elements,
  • We do not dry it in the oven elements,
  • No use of tools made of hard raw material (metal, stone, glass).
Using the above-mentioned devices can damage the board, deformation of the housing, damage to the matrix.

We can do it.

Improper cleaning of the interior of the laptop is still one of the many important factors causing defects and damage to the computer equipment. This makes the device is partially or completely unfit for use. But do not panic! Even with a damaged laptop data recovery it is still possible.

In the event of damage to the equipment company (business) may arise risk of losing critical data such as office documents, financial reports, projects, presentations or priceless photos. To recover the data, without damaging them more and more media, you should opt for data recovery services performed by experienced and specialized company.

When Estimate too much work or risk, go ahead please contact our service computer.

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