Flooded laptop, damage to flooded computer and a laptop, or how to save the equipment and the data after the flooding?


Flooded laptop is the bane of many users. Water and other liquids are very dangerous for a number of electronic components in a laptop or desktop computer. Leaking liquid substance directly on the keyboard could damage the hard disk and other systems / components. These lesions are caused by a short circuit, which, in extreme cases, it may permanently damage the device.

Caution should be exercised because some liquids are more destructive because of their acidity, which could result in corrosion of the metal contacts and internal circuits.

In this case, there are many actions that can be taken to save the situation:

If the laptop is still on, turn it off immediately and remove the batteries.

Time in this situation plays an important role, because it can cause damage to more electronic components. Apart from the main battery to be removed here (if possible) low battery voltage of 3V for supporting the BIOS setup, RTC, etc. It can locate on the underside of the machine under the main cover

flooded with laptop keyboard Warsaw Warsaw -zalana

Disconnect all peripheral devices.

Such as mice, flash drives and wireless cards. The biggest threat is that so far the device could cause a short circuit!

unplug peripherals flooded laptop Warsaw

Turn the laptop immediately facing up (in the inverted "V"), so that the fluid is not drawn further into the laptop.

Fluid will be poured down the casing and ventilation components, thereby circumventing sensitive electronics, hard disk, RAM bones and other sensitive components. Here you have to be patient and wait for a few hours.

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Try to remove as much water.

Do it with a paper towel, absorbent cloth or a vacuum cleaner. When doing so, do not press and do not perform vigorous movements - it can cause gets even more fluid into the device, which increases the risk of a short circuit.

flooded flooded laptop keyboard cleaning

Clean the surface and the available corners of a laptop with a viscous residue.

flooded laptop cleaning

Keyboard, screen and buttons can be dirty. Use this to clean absorbent cloth or cotton swabs.

The best use of deionized (DI) water in the case of the screen and the keyboard housing.

Unscrew the laptop.

flooded laptop Warsaw turning on a laptop keyboard matrix

Disconnect the keyboard.

disconnecting flooded with laptop keyboard

Remove the hard disk and RAM memory chips.

This point realize prophylactically to see if exposed electronic components on these devices are bonded - as in the case of the first start-up could cause damage to these components.

flooded framework laptop hard drive

flooded laptop Warsaw, ram, hard drive

Wyczyść elementy znajdujące się pod klawiaturą.

Here is best to consult with a professional service in order to get help, or you can go ahead in accordance with the agenda below.

disconnecting flooded with laptop keyboard

Wymontować elementy zabrudzone.

At this stage, you should remove all contaminated items. This will make them easier to clean.

flooded keyboard Warsaw - flooded matrix flooded laptop

Usunąć wszelkie zanieczyszczenia z wymontowanych elementów.

In the case of heavily encrusted and sticky contaminants (eg. Coca-Cola) on electronics may be needed isopropyl alcohol (ie. Isopropanol). Most of the pollution from the food can be removed with distilled water (available at every gas station).
Contaminated items should be cleaned as well as possible, then remove the excess of the solvent and allow to dry at room temperature.

flooded laptop Warsaw - flooded bone RAM

Włóż wymontowane elementy z powrotem, następnie spróbuj uruchomić urządzenie.

Złóż urządzenie w całość, na koniec podłącz baterię oraz przewód zasilający i naciśnij przycisk POWER. Jeśli laptop uruchomi się, przejdzie procedurę POST i finalnie dojdzie do uruchamiania systemu operacyjnego tzn. że odnieśliśmy spektakularny sukces! 🙂

flooded laptop Warsaw after the deposit

Council / warnings.

  • The best advice is to be patient and wait for the laptop itself dry
  • We do not use devices that generate hot air flow, thus drying, heat guns, etc.
  • We do not dry it on a radiator elements
  • Do not dry it in the oven elements

Using the above devices can significantly degrade the matter and cause damage to the motherboard, casing deformation, damage the image sensor.

Do it yourself - that is what is required.

Above instructions on how to get yourself to things. To do this we need:

  • appropriate set of screwdrivers (in almost all cases suffice tip Phillips)
  • isopropanol, optionally deionized water (demineralised)
  • cotton buds / swabs
  • cloth absorbs water

We can do it.

Zalany laptop, komputerowe dyski twarde, napędy taśm, zewnętrzne dyski twarde i inne nośniki danych są bardzo podatne na zalania. To sprawia, że dane mogą stać się niedostępne oraz urządzenie może ulec uszkodzeniu. Ale nie panikuj! Nawet jeśli nośnik pamięci znajduje się pod wodą, a jego elementy są uszkodzone odzyskanie danych nadal jest możliwe.

In the case of flooding device company (business) may be a risk of losing critical data such as office documents, financial reports, projects, presentations or priceless photos. To safely recover data without damaging more and more of their media, you should opt for data recovery services performed by experienced and specialized companies.

When Estimate too much work or risk, go ahead please contact our service computer.