External cleaning laptop, laptop cleaning Warsaw, or how to clean dirty equipment?


Cleaning laptop Warsaw, at the present time the number of people using laptops is constantly increasing. A laptop computer has many advantages as: mobility, energy efficiency, aesthetics, miniaturization, no wires, etc. This makes the laptop is a symbol of comfort, independence, business. However, every convenience has its price.

Laptop users often struggle with the following ailments:

  • laptop keys jamming - after pressing seem unnatural sounds remain depressed long return to the original position, etc.
  • laptop is terribly dirty,
  • USB / RJ-11 / RJ-45 / E-SATA / HDMI / DisplayPort is dirty - when connecting the plug appears on the resistance and / or when the power plug is not working properly (but works well in another, a clean harbor).

If you meet even one of the above criteria is precisely the moment in which it is strongly advisable to clean the external laptop from dust and other contaminants. Below is an example of how to deal with this problem.
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Basic tools.

To clean your computer from any possible external contamination, we will need the following tools:

  • clean microfiber cloth,
  • brush with soft bristles
  • can of compressed air.
  • toothpick (preferably wooden or plastic)
  • cleaners and the housing of the screen (from the need to clean electronic circuit IPA - isopropanol)
  • water distillation / Demineralized / deionized (for cleaning external covers can add a little liquid soap)
  • buds (for wet cleaning of hard to reach areas).

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basic tools - cleaning laptop Warsaw

Basic tools - external cleaning laptop

basic tools for cleaning the inside of the laptop

Preparing to clean your laptop.

At this stage, the laptop must be switched off and the power cord and the battery disconnected.
Additionally, disconnect all external drives, flash memory cards, memory, input / output devices (mouse, keyboard, monitor), and other devices connected to the laptop.
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preparing to clean - cleaning laptop Warsaw

preparing to clean - cleaning external laptop

Disconnect peripherals - cleaning the inside of the laptop

Cleaning phase. Difficulty: low / medium.

Cleaning laptop screen performed using a clean cloth microfiber and special cleaners for LCD screens. We apply the liquid to the cloth and gently wipe the screen surface to be cleaned.
WARNING! Liquid applied directly on the screen can get into sensitive areas and damage the matrix.

To clean the external covers use of microfiber cloth clean and distilled water (eg. Soap), or a special cleaning agent for this kind of plastic surfaces. We apply the liquid to the cloth and clean the surface until it is cleaned.
WARNING! Liquid applied directly to the cover can get to places and damage sensitive electronic circuits.

phase cleaning - cleaning laptop Warsaw

Cleaning ports such as USB / RJ-11 / RJ-45 / E-SATA / HDMI / DisplayPort is done using compressed air, cotton buds and toothpicks. Larger dirt should be gently removed with a toothpick, then blow compressed air.
WARNING! A can of compressed air atomizer hold up, and you should not shake / agitate. Otherwise it can cause frostbite point sprayed surface and its rupture (eg. A cold February).
If the port are still contaminants move to gentle cleaning of hygienic rod, soaked in distilled water (pure) or isopropanol.
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How often do you clean?

Everything depends on you, dear user, how much you care about the cleanliness of your laptop. Remember, however, that the purer the laptop from the outside, the purer its interior. Increased attention to cleanliness will also contribute to the fact that eg. A laptop not we put in place with a high level of contamination.
In case of doubt, you can rely on professionals. We offer professional advice on computer equipment cleaning procedures.
We offer the most effective cleaning laptop Warsaw.

Council / warnings.

  • No use for generating hot wind, so driers, heat guns, etc.
  • We do not dry it on a radiator elements,
  • We do not dry it in the oven elements,
  • No use of tools made of hard raw material (metal, stone, glass).

In carrying out the above mentioned steps can cause damage to electronic circuits, the housing deformation, damage to the matrix.

We can do it.

Improper cleaning of the laptop is still one of the many important factors causing defects and damage to the computer equipment. This makes the device is partially or completely unfit for use. But do not panic! Even with a damaged laptop data recovery it is still possible.

In the event of damage to the equipment company (business) may arise risk of losing critical data such as office documents, financial reports, projects, presentations or priceless photos. To recover the data, without damaging them more and more media, you should opt for data recovery services performed by experienced and specialized company.

When Estimate too much work or risk, go ahead please contact our service computer.

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